ADDMEFAST IMACROS SCRIPT – 16+ Scripts included

Automatically generate points on your AddMeFast account with over 16 imacros scripts including a Master script that controls all scripts. No bugs, error free, no crashes! Scripts are regularly updated.

Scripts included:

  • AMF-Master *(Controls all scripts below)
  • Likes
  • Facebook Followers
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Post Like
  • Facebook Post Shares
  • Google Circles
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • Myspace Friends
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Pinterest Likes
  • Pinterest Repins
  • Soundcloud Likes
  • Twitter Favorites
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Youtube Likes
  • Youtube Subscribe
  • Daily-Bonus

*BONUS: (Unfollow Scripts)

  • FB Unfollow
  • FB Unlike
  • IG Unfollow
  • PT Unfollow
  • PT Unlike
  • TW Unfollow
  • YT Unlike
  • YT Unsub

– AMF-Master – controls all scripts, customize and play in any order you want.
– Multiple Accounts – Use script on multiple accounts/proxies (check tutorial)
– AddMeFast Auto login – checks if you are logged out, logs you in (All scripts have this feature)
– Social Media Account Auto Login – checks if you are logged out, logs you in (All scripts have this feature)
Custom Wait Times – unique/random seconds between each action, acts like a human
Custom Loops – unique/random loops on each script, acts like a human
Control Minimum Points – skip anything offering lower than X amount of points, skips upto 7 times in a row
Point Counter – counts total points generated with script
Run 24/7 – click start and script can run automatically by using ‘Windows Task Scheduler’ (check tutorial)
Exit Firefox – option to exit firefox when finished running
Clear Cookies – option to clear caches and cookies



**Update Logs:

1/19/2017 – v3.3

– Fixed bug in Pinterest unfollow script

1/04/2017 – v3.2

– Scripts updated, bugs fixed on several scripts.

– Fixed problem with facebook scripts not working on mobile links

– Make sure you are using (Firefox 47.0.1 and iMacros v8.9.7)

6/25/2016 – v3.1

– Soundcloud Likes – script added

6/22/2016 – v3.0

– Update to social media login feature for Google and Youtube scripts

– Pinterest Repin script – bug fixed

– Google Circles script – updated *Make sure you are using latest g+ update

– Likes script added

4/30/2016 – v2.9

– All script loops moved to a csv file, now control all scripts loops from 1 file (Instructions updated)

– All Unfollow scripts loops/usernames moved to a csv file
*Now all scripts info is contained within 4 csv files and 2 Master scripts (Instructions updated)

– Google Circles login feature added, all scripts now have a login feature

– AMF-Master shuffle scripts feature added – shuffle scripts in random order (Instructions updated)

– Removed unfollow loops integration in AMF-Master script and added a new Master script for unfollow scripts

– AAA-Master script added – Master script for unfollow scripts
(Use windows task scheduler to run once a week or however often needed)

4/19/2016 – v2.8

– Point minimum feature moved to a csv file (Instructions updated)
– Pinterest Follow script feature added – auto plays unfollow script once follow limit is reached
(Make sure to setup unfollow script)

4/17/2016 – v2.7

– Facebook login feature bug fixed
– Twitter unfollow script option added, unfollow all or unfollow only profiles who arent following you back (Unfollow-Scripts txt file updated)

4/08/2016 – v2.6

– Master script – option added to clear browser cache and cookies
– Master script loop bug fixed – uninstall/reinstall imacros if 1st script plays twice
– Addmefast and social media account login details moved to a csv file
– Facebook Like script now better recognizes banned pages and skips them
– Facebook login feature bug fixed
– Facebook Post Shares script updated
– Minor changes made in youtube scripts
– Instructions updated, Tutorial added for automating imacros

3/24/2016 – v2.5

– Updated twitter unfollow script, no longer using 3rd party service, much more reliable.

2/24/2016 – v2.4

– Twitter Unfollow script updated and bugs fixed
– Twitter Follow script updated, smoother transition from playing unfollow script back to addmefast
– Twitter follow max feature instructions added

1/04/2016 – v2.3

– Auto login feature added for all social media sites
(You can now clear browser history/cookies, you dont have to worry about manually logging back into your social media accounts, script will make sure your logged into your social media account before preforming first task.)
– VPS compatibility issue fixed
– Twitter Follow script feature added – auto play unfollow script once specified number for max followers is reached
– Minor bugs fixed on a few other scripts

7/23/2015 – v2.2

– Instagram scripts bugs fixed
– AMF Master script bug fixed

New added features on AMF-Master:
– Addmefast account auto login
– Point counter

6/06/2015 – v2.1

– AMF-Master now able to run the Unfollow scripts with set loops (recommended for 24/7 users)
– Control minimum points, you can skip anything paying lower than X amount of points. Skip the 1 point ads!
– Small bug fixed in yt-likes script

6/04/2015 – v2.0

– BIG Update. About half the scripts had some sort of update. yt likes and pt repin scripts bugs fixed.
– AMF-Master now compatible to run 24/7
– New unfollow scripts, compatible with amf-master

NEW Advanced Unfollow Scripts:
FB Unfollow
FB Unlike
IG Unfollow
PT Unfollow
PT Unlike
TW Unfollow
YT Unlike
YT Unsub

4/09/2015 – v1.9

– Fixed bug in PT Repin script
– New AMF-Master.js script compatible with imacros latest version 8.9.2+