• What is imacros?
iMacros is the #1 Browser Automation tool – an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser which adds record and replay functionality allowing you to create scripts and automate any repetitive task, works with every website.

Use iMacros to:

  • Automate your mouse cursor right-click function and navigate between websites
  • Automate keyboard keystrokes
  • Automatically fill-out forms
  • Import or export data to and from web applications using CSV & XML files, databases, or any other source.
  • Track websites for info and get live updates

Anything done inside the Firefox browser can be automated with iMacros, eliminate tedious repetition work, contact me for a custom script.


  • How are the scripts coded?
  • Which payment methods are accepted?
  • How long is delivery on script after purchasing?
  • Do i get free updates? How long do i have to wait for an update?
  • How do i get access to script updates?
  • What is your refund policy?
All scripts are coded using both javascript and imacros, if script is coded only with imacros it will be stated in the description.
Paypal and Bitcoin.

If you want to pay with bitcoin send BTC to following address and then send me an email, purchases with bitcoin will be sent manually within 24hrs.

Bitcoin: 1F95UUhPMnXQp6Ygtihm2q8tTne2JHYX3E

Script is delivered instantly after purchase, (Bitcoin payments are manually delivered within 24hrs) link and password to unlock the file will be inside your account and info will also be emailed to you. (Check your spam folder if you do not see any emails from ImacroPro in your inbox.)
All scripts sold on imacropro come with free lifetime updates excluding custom scripts. Script updates will occur within 48hrs of problem coming to my attention. (Please contact me if you notice a problem.)
Login to your account and use the same link and password you received when you purchased the script.
If script doesnt work as described you can have a full refund within 7 days of purchase, if there is any problems please make an effort to contact support for help before requesting a refund.