ADDMEFAST IMACROS SCRIPTS – 16+ Scripts included

Generate points on your AddMeFast account with over 16 imacros scripts – including a Master script that controls all scripts.

Scripts included:
  • AMF-Master (Controls all scripts)
  • Likes
  • Facebook Followers
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Post Likes
  • Facebook Post Shares
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • Myspace Friends
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Pinterest Repins
  • Soundcloud Likes
  • Twitter Likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Youtube Likes
  • Youtube Subscribe
  • Daily-Bonus
Bonus: (Unfollow Scripts)
  • Facebook Unfollow
  • Facebook Unlike
  • Instagram Unfollow
  • Pinterest Unfollow
  • Pinterest Unlike
  • Twitter Unfollow
  • Youtube Unlike
  • Youtube Unsub
AMF-Master (script)​

This script can control all the addmefast social scripts and run them in the order you want. Also includes other helpful features.​

Control Minimum Points

Ability to skip anything lower than (X) amount of points. This can be custom set on each script.

Random Loops

Each script can be set with random loops, helps avoid bot detection and getting banned.

Auto Login

Automatically detects if you are logged out from Addmefast or any of your social network accounts and logs you in.

Multiple Accounts

Using proxies and multiple firefox profiles you can run this on more than 1 addmefast account simultaneously.


Using windows task scheduler you can completely automate imacros and have your scripts play whenever you want without having to manually start them.



**Update Logs:

2/07/2018 – v3.4

– All scripts updated, bugs fixed.

1/19/2017 – v3.3

– Fixed bug in Pinterest unfollow script

1/04/2017 – v3.2

– Scripts updated, bugs fixed on several scripts.
– Fixed problem with facebook scripts not working on mobile links
– Make sure you are using (Firefox 47.0.1 and iMacros v8.9.7)

6/25/2016 – v3.1

– Soundcloud Likes – script added

6/22/2016 – v3.0

– Update to social media login feature for Google and Youtube scripts
– Pinterest Repin script – bug fixed
– Google Circles script – updated *Make sure you are using latest g+ update
– Likes script added

4/30/2016 – v2.9

– All script loops moved to a csv file, now control all scripts loops from 1 file (Instructions updated)
– All Unfollow scripts loops/usernames moved to a csv file
*Now all scripts info is contained within 4 csv files and 2 Master scripts (Instructions updated)
– Google Circles login feature added, all scripts now have a login feature
– AMF-Master shuffle scripts feature added – shuffle scripts in random order (Instructions updated)
– Removed unfollow loops integration in AMF-Master script and added a new Master script for unfollow scripts
– AAA-Master script added – Master script for unfollow scripts
(Use windows task scheduler to run once a week or however often needed)

4/19/2016 – v2.8

– Point minimum feature moved to a csv file (Instructions updated)
– Pinterest Follow script feature added – auto plays unfollow script once follow limit is reached
(Make sure to setup unfollow script)

4/17/2016 – v2.7

– Facebook login feature bug fixed
– Twitter unfollow script option added, unfollow all or unfollow only profiles who arent following you back (Unfollow-Scripts txt file updated)

4/08/2016 – v2.6

– Master script – option added to clear browser cache and cookies
– Master script loop bug fixed – uninstall/reinstall imacros if 1st script plays twice
– Addmefast and social media account login details moved to a csv file
– Facebook Like script now better recognizes banned pages and skips them
– Facebook login feature bug fixed
– Facebook Post Shares script updated
– Minor changes made in youtube scripts
– Instructions updated, Tutorial added for automating imacros

3/24/2016 – v2.5

– Updated twitter unfollow script, no longer using 3rd party service, much more reliable.

2/24/2016 – v2.4

– Twitter Unfollow script updated and bugs fixed
– Twitter Follow script updated, smoother transition from playing unfollow script back to addmefast
– Twitter follow max feature instructions added

1/04/2016 – v2.3

– Auto login feature added for all social media sites
(You can now clear browser history/cookies, you dont have to worry about manually logging back into your social media accounts, script will make sure your logged into your social media account before preforming first task.)
– VPS compatibility issue fixed
– Twitter Follow script feature added – auto play unfollow script once specified number for max followers is reached
– Minor bugs fixed on a few other scripts

7/23/2015 – v2.2

– Instagram scripts bugs fixed
– AMF Master script bug fixed

New added features on AMF-Master:
– Addmefast account auto login
– Point counter

6/06/2015 – v2.1

– AMF-Master now able to run the Unfollow scripts with set loops (recommended for 24/7 users)
– Control minimum points, you can skip anything paying lower than X amount of points. Skip the 1 point ads!
– Small bug fixed in yt-likes script

6/04/2015 – v2.0

– BIG Update. About half the scripts had some sort of update. yt likes and pt repin scripts bugs fixed.
– AMF-Master now compatible to run 24/7
– New unfollow scripts, compatible with amf-master

NEW Advanced Unfollow Scripts:
FB Unfollow
FB Unlike
IG Unfollow
PT Unfollow
PT Unlike
TW Unfollow
YT Unlike
YT Unsub

4/09/2015 – v1.9

– Fixed bug in PT Repin script
– New AMF-Master.js script compatible with imacros latest version 8.9.2+