FOLLOWLIKE.NET – 11 Scripts included

Automatically generate points on your FollowLike account with 11 scripts plus a Master script.
No bugs, error free, no crashes!

Scripts Included:

  • #Master Script  *(Controls all scripts below)
  • Daily Bonus
  • Facebook Follow
  • Facebook Page Like
  • Facebook Photo Like
  • Facebook Post Like
  • Twitter Follower
  • Twitter Like
  • Reddit Upvote
  • Youtube Views
  • Youtube Like
  • Youtube Subscribe

Master Script Features:
Autoplay Multiple Scripts – customize and set a list of scripts to autoplay
Shuffle scripts – Option to shuffle and play scripts in different order everytime to make it look more human
FollowLike autologin – Automatically logs you into your account if logged out
– Multiple Accounts – Use script on multiple accounts/proxies (check tutorial)
Exit Firefox – option to exit firefox when finished running
Clear Cookies – option to clear caches and cookies


**Update Logs:

1/19/2018 – v1.4

Updated 4 scripts
– facebook follower
– twitter follower
– youtube likes
– youtube subs

3/26/2017 – v1.3

– Added deathbycaptcha integration for login feature in Master script
– Added randomized loops feature for each script
– Fixed bug in Master script
– Fixed bug in “Daily-Bonus” script

2/20/2017 – v1.1

– Fixed bug in Master script, now works on a VPS.