Twitter Follower




Target profiles and follow their followers, check for active tweets and profile pics, send new followers messages, unfollow those who arent following you back or unfollow everyone. Several more features all in 1 script.

– Target multiple profiles and follow their followers; control follow number to each profile, there is random seconds between each follow
– Option to check for active tweets before following (Control number of day activity)
– Option to check for updated profile pic before following (Wont follow anyone using twitter default pic)
– Auto login – Log into twitter, checks if logged out
– Multiple Accounts – Use script on multiple accounts/proxies with multiple firefox profiles
– Unfollow feature – Option to unfollow those who arent following you back or unfollow everyone
* Control max follow number before playing the unfollow feature
* Control number of profiles to unfollow
– Direct message feature – Sends custom random messages to new followers
– Option to exit firefox at end of script
– Option to clear cache and cookies


**Update Logs:

7/27/2016 – v1.9

– Added feature: Checks for account password lock, will stop script if password needs to be changed.

4/30/2016 – v1.8

– Login feature bug fixed

4/19/2016 – v1.7

– Unfollow feature added, unfollow all profiles or unfollow only profiles who arent following you back (Instructions updated)

4/13/2016 – v1.6

– Added feature that checks if twitter is down, will stop playing script if it is.

4/09/2016 – v1.5

– Option added to clear browser cache and cookies
– VPS compatibility issue fixed

3/23/2016 – v1.4

– Option to not follow profiles without a pic
– Option to follow only profiles with active tweets, choose how active you want profiles to be. Active tweets within 24 hrs, 7 days, etc..
– Direct message feature upgraded, runs much more smoothly
– Unfollow feature updated, no longer using 3rd party service, much more reliable!
– Few other bugs fixed in the script, instructions updated.

2/21/2016 – v1.2

– BIG UPDATE. Fixed a few bugs. Script runs much more smoothly.
– Unfollow feature added, script automatically unfollows people who arent following you back once specified max follows is reached.
– Direct message feature added, send thank you messages to new followers. Keeps track of messages sent.