Installing Firefox and iMacros

Updated: 1/20/2018

The latest Firefox version is no longer compatible with iMacros, you need an older version of Firefox to use imacros.
– Recommended Firefox version – Firefox 47
– Recommended imacros version – iMacors 8.9.7

Common error when not using recommended Firefox and imacros versions-
TypeError: returnNumber is null, line 2 (Error code: -991)

Follow these steps to downgrade:

1. Disable Automatic Firefox Updates
* Note: If you dont have firefox installed yet, do Step 2 first then come back to Step 1.

– Copy and paste this in your firefox browser – about:preferences
– Look for the Firefox updates section
– Make sure you have this option checked – Never check for updates

firefox settings

2. Download and install Firefox 47


3. install Firefox Add-on – iMacros 8.9.7